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Whether you’re just joining Medicare and looking for a Medicare Supplement or have realized that you may be spending too much on your current Medicare Supplement we can help ensure you get the best rate available to you.

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Wisconsin Fact:

Wisconsin, one of the East North Central states of the United States, bordered on the north by Lake Superior and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, on the east by Lake Michigan, on the south by Illinois, and on the west by Iowa and Minnesota. The Menominee River forms the northeastern boundary and the Mississippi and Saint Croix rivers form parts of the western boundary.

Wisconsin entered the Union on May 29, 1848, as the 30th state. Manufacturing became the state’s chief economic activity following World War II, but at the start of the 1990s Wisconsin remained the nation’s leading dairy state and also a major producer of corn. Milwaukee and Madison, the capital, were the state’s largest cities and among its many important industrial and commercial centers. The state is named for the Wisconsin River, the name of which is derived from the French version of an Ojibwa Indian term that may mean “gathering of the waters” or “place of the beaver.” Wisconsin’s nickname, the Badger State, refers not to the badgers that live there but to miners who burrowed like badgers into the hillsides in search of lead in the 1820s.