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This site provides you with many of the resources you will need to shop for a Vermont Medicare Supplement.

Whether you’re just joining Medicare and looking for a Medicare Supplement or have realized that you may be spending too much on your current Medicare Supplement we can help ensure you get the best rate available to you.

Use our instant quote tool to get quotes from some of the Medicare Supplement companies we represent and please feel comfortable calling us for free phone support from an experienced and licensed Alabama Medicare Supplement Agent. You can always call us at 1-800-247-9889 for more information or to apply over the phone. You can also apply online here.

Vermont Fact:

1. While all other 12 senatorial districts have 1 to 3 senators, the Chittenden district (Burlington area) has 6.

2. Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S., producing over 500,000 gallons a year.

3. Dr. H. Nelson Jackson was the first to drive an automobile across the U.S. in 1903. He was from Burlington.
4. John Deere served his apprenticeship in VT.

5. Some philatelists credit Brattleboro with producing America’s first postage stamp in 1846.
6. Coldest temperature recorded in VT: -47 F degrees. Hottest: 106 F.

7. VT was the first state to outlaw adult slavery.
8. Vermont has nearly one half of the dairy farms in New England.

9. About half the milk consumed in New England is produced in VT.
10. VT is the second-largest state in New England, with Maine the first.